Oleg Kharlanov

Oleg G. Kharlanov (born 25.10.1984 in Moscow). Graduated from Faculty of Physics, MSU in 2007; Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 2010 (thesis title «Quantum Field Theory Effects in the Standard Model Extension under External Conditions»). Assistant professor at Chair of Theoretical Physics (since 2010). Invited researcher at Institute Pprime (CNRS, Poitiers, France) in 2018.

Research interests. Quantum effects in external or self-consistent fields; numerical-analytical and multiscale methodologies and high-performance computing for problems arising in theoretical physics. Applications include:
  • Lorentz violation, Casimir effect;
  • neutrino oscillations (incl. simulation of collective neutrino oscillations);
  • charge transport in materials with strong electron-phonon interaction used in organic electronics (theory and multiscale modelling);
  • flame front propagation (novel numerical and numerical-analytical approaches).
Teaching (at the moment)
Currently supervising one master's and one bachelor's students.
Selected publications:
  1. O. G. Kharlanov and V. Ch. Zhukovsky. CPT and Lorentz violation effects in hydrogenlike atoms. J. Math. Phys. 48, 092503 (2007).
  2. O. G. Kharlanov and V. Ch. Zhukovsky. Casimir effect within D=3+1 Maxwell–Chern–Simons electrodynamics. Phys. Rev. D 81, 025015 (2010).
  3. S. S. Aleshin, O. G. Kharlanov, and A. E. Lobanov. Analytical treatment of long-term observations of the day-night asymmetry for solar neutrinos. Phys. Rev. D 87, 045025 (2013).
  4. K. A. Kazakov and O. G. Kharlanov. Numerical study of strongly-nonlinear regimes of steady premixed flame propagation. The effect of thermal gas expansion and finite-front-thickness effects. Combustion Theory and Modelling 22, 835 (2018).
  5. O. Kharlanov and P. Shustov. Instabilities of Collective Neutrino Oscillations Induced by Non-standard Neutrino Interactions. EPJ Web of Conferences 201, 09006 (2019).
  6. I. Degtev and O. Kharlanov. Magnetoelectric Effect in Lorentz-violating Extensions of the Standard Model. EPJ Web of Conferences 177, 09008 (2018).
  7. O. Kharlanov. 100 fundamental experiments in the basis of modern physics: from Galileo till today. A Web resource for advanced senior schoolchildren & undergraduate students under the foundation «New thought» («Novaya mysl’») [in Russian, 2011].
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